Q: When did Rusty Deer Creations start?
A: We started making steel products in September 2015

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?
A: We make to order, this means it can take up to 5 weeks. It takes time to get everything perfect. 
Generally unpainted products will arrive within 3-4 weeks, painted products 3-5 weeks.

Q: If I ordered an unpainted product can I paint it myself?
A: Yes you can, just be sure to follow the guidelines displayed on the paint you use.

Q: How can I hang/Display my product?
A: There are many ways to show your product off, for example: Stake into the ground, spike into wood or screw to the wall, to avoid wall damage use '3M' strips. 

Q: Can you ship?
A: Yes we ship all over New Zealand, as well as overseas.

Q: Where are you based? Can I collect?
A: I work remotely from Hawkes Bay this means shipping is the current preferred method.
If you live in the Hawkes Bay contact me on 021 198 0052 to organise a collection.

Q: How long should I expect my product to last?
A: Powdercoating lasts between 15- 20 years, meaning you might need to get it coated again, the product itself will last a lifetime if looked after.
Rustic designs (Corten) will last for decades depending on your environment.

Q: Can you make custom designs?
A: Yes we can, just message with you idea no matter what it is and we will go from there.
You can check out some other projects we have worked on here.

Q: What is the largest size product you can make?
A: 3000m x 1500mm, this is the size of the machine used.